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Information on Essential Oils and helpful tips relating to the properties and applications of our essential oils as well as provide a variety of natural made body products from soap to lotion.


Pure Essential Oils are extracted from an array of plant sources, petals, leaves, seeds, nut kernels, bark, stalks, flower heads and gums and resins of trees and contain the active ingredient of a plant in a highly concentrated and potent form. Pure Essential Oils should be diluted prior to applying to the skin.

Therapeutic Essential Oils may give you many benefits and have profound effect on mind and body. Using Essential Oils may give you relief from headache or give you energy during the day. The Essential Oil Benefits section gives you just a fraction of benefits you can achieve while using Essential Oils through Aromatherapy. At Fragrant Essence we strive to provide you with pure essential oils to achieve greater results.

Essential Oils are great and easy to use in a Bath. Read to learn how to dilute essential oils to use in bath.

Massage is the classic aromatherapy way to use essential oils to stimulate the flow of blood and triggering the body's natural healing process. The aromas from essential oils act upon the emotional center in the brain and governs the way we feel. Indulge yourself and your partner by giving each other a massage! Visit our Essential Oils and Massage page for simple massage techniques.

Use fragrance burners, diffuser or vaporizers to release the natural fragrance of essential oil. Easy and immediate results!

Relieve multitude of symptoms using compress method. Visit our short section on Compress and Essential Oils.

Essential oils can be used in multitude of ways to restore harmony of body and mind. You can use essential oils as air fresheners, headache relief, study for exams and in many more ways. Visit our Popular Tips page!

You can mix Essential Oils to achieve a particular health benefit or to simply mix the essential oils for the aromatic scent. Visit our Easy Recipes page! These recipes are to give you a sample of the benefits in using essential oils in your daily life.

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